Ghost Town Reckoning


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In 2003 DIVEST's full length GHOST TOWN RECKONING was finished. I hope more people get to hear it as it is my proudest musical accomplishment to date. We got to work with an amazing team and I will always respect their talent and all that I learned from them.

It was so rewarding to get to hear stories and arrangement insight from Dr. Know of Bad Brains, or discuss mixes and vocal harmonies with Birnbaum and Bittner and crack jokes about setting loose Birnbaum's huge dog to eat Bodie if he played too many drum fills (joke).

The whole experience was amazing and I think the songs really stand up. Songs of overcoming addiction, loneliness and existential dread.

It was so much of the band's potential on one release. The 7" came out as scheduled on Dr. Know's planned FKM imprint, but never the full length until years later for industry reasons. Please enjoy our labour of love and catharsis, despairs and twisting thoughts.

The theme of this album is that without each other all we have are ghost towns and lost youth. It is dedicated to all my friends who died too young.

-Morgan Y. Evans/Vocals


released October 8, 2003

Recorded 2002-2003 at Applehead Studios (Woodstock, NY)

Co-produced by Dr. Know, D. Ilchuck, Chris Bittner and Mike Birnbaum

Engineered by Birnbaum/Bittner.

Mastered in 2009 by Nate Kelley.

Guest vocals on "The Hollow Point" by Dave She Wolf (Star & Dagger/Cycle Sluts From Hell) and on "Accept" by Sean Paul Pillsworth (Anadivine/Nightmares For A Week)

Vox= Morgan Y. Evans
Guitars= Kurt Brown and Dave Parker
Drums= Dave Bodie
Bass= Mike McCoy (except Chris Bittner does bass on "Trophy Bride" and "Brand New Lie")

Spoken word outro to "Clean Shot" by D. Ilchuk

Divest logo by Chris Rahm
Cover photo by Matt Goldpaugh
Cover concept by Morgan Y. Evans



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DIVEST Kingston, New York

The Woodstock/Kingston, NY heavy melodic band Divest was together for 7 crazy years, eventually with a full length GHOST TOWN RECKONING in 2003 (produced by Dr. Know of Bad Brains, D. Ilchuk+ Mike Birnbaum / Chris Bitner of Applehead Studios).

DIVEST featured members who would go on to or previously played in bands like PPSP, Kayo Dot, Coheed and Cambria, Dead Unicorn and Nightmares For A Week.
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Track Name: Open Door Revelation
The right combination fits the lock, so find your place...
Track Name: Atlas
Let's not break apart. Never break apart. Let's not break apart. Never break down...
Track Name: Brand New Lie
Why would I take your paper on my sighs and put all your weight onto my own thinking?
Track Name: Torch Song Masochist
I know it's no one's job to save me from you.
Track Name: Accept (featuring Sean Paul Pillsworth)
This is me, it's who I am. This is me, it's what I believe in.
Track Name: Waking Arrival
Waking arrival, no room for survival.
Track Name: In Crowded Faces
So those who've kept their promises, I feel so honored to have spent some lifetime as your soundtrack, on beds of nails...
Track Name: Saving Prescription
What's inside this package? Forever or a day? Needle in a haystack but I'll stay.
Track Name: Trophy Bride
Sleep tight insensate and insensitive, caught up in carnivals and callousness.
Track Name: The Hollow Point (featuring Dava She Wolf)
Welcome to the circle of my discontent. This is your frustration. This is your regret.
Track Name: Clean Shot
For a clean shot, I would give anything.
Track Name: Bathos
While my head pounds to the heart blood, you remain ecstatic. Have I ever told you, you're my best bad habit?
Track Name: And I (Bonus Track)
"Sweat above your heart, on your breats through the t-shirt, burn baby burn baby burn..."