In Crowded Faces EP


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This EP was recorded awhile prior to DIVEST's "Ghost Town Reckoning" full-length and as such features rougher versions of some of the songs. It is a cool little EP that has a lot of heart.


released June 3, 2002

Pretty much self-recorded in White Plains, NY in 2001-2002 by Dave Parker and Mike McCoy.

The sketch of Bathos was written in 5 minutes by Kurt and Morgan and is still great.

Face written by Parker/Evans.

All other songs DIVEST.

Zac Shaw - Drums
Nate Kelley - Bass
Dave Parker and Kurt Brown - Guitar Team
Mike McCoy - Bass
Morgan Y. Evans - Vocals
Guest vox on "Accept" by Sean Paul Pillsworth (Anadivine)
Guest vox on "The Hollow Point" by Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts from Hell/Star & Dagger)
Josh Eppard - Drums on "The Hollow Point"



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DIVEST Kingston, New York

The Woodstock/Kingston, NY heavy melodic band Divest was together for 7 crazy years, eventually with a full length GHOST TOWN RECKONING in 2003 (produced by Dr. Know of Bad Brains, D. Ilchuk+ Mike Birnbaum / Chris Bitner of Applehead Studios).

DIVEST featured members who would go on to or previously played in bands like PPSP, Kayo Dot, Coheed and Cambria, Dead Unicorn and Nightmares For A Week.
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Track Name: Accept (guest vox by Sean Paul Pillsworth)
We are proud of our scars and our ambassadors. On this highway they'll suit us fine...
Track Name: In Crowded Faces
We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed
Track Name: Rain Bridge
I've only just realized how much I've grown...
Track Name: The Hollow Point (guest vox by Dava She Wolf)
Then you drain out slowly...
Track Name: Bathos
I'm yours in the province calm...
Track Name: Face
Life is like the long goodbye I've learned not to say, so I hope I see you soon before tomorrow is yesterday.
Track Name: Slaphappy (Bonus Track)
"I did it long before you and you can say what you want but I still know it's true"