Clear The Smoke - Live​@​CBGB's​/​September 2001.


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Here's the Bleed Theory (early name for DIVEST) post-9/11 appearance at CBGB's in NYC on September 24, 2001. The mood was still pretty surreal; the buildings had only gone down two weeks before. We put a lot of heart into this one. There are points where the performance is in danger of careening off the tracks, but we ended super-strong. One of the best ever, especially tracks 6 and 7 (dig the no-count entrance into "Atlas"). - Nate Kelley

This show was one of the most intense and moving experiences of my life. The crowd was so happy the nightclubs were open again and to be hearing emotional, loud music. I was just back from crossing the country for the first time by Greyhound and was so happy to be able to sing for NYC. "We Can Live" is my fave. - Morgan Y. Evans

"I played every song way too fast, so excited just to be playing the legendary CBGB's with Bleed Theory, a band that just a few years earlier I had watched from the audience at CBGB's, dreaming of playing drums in it. This was back at the beginning of the band, it might have still been called "Brain Fuck Daddy. Josh Eppard was playing drums.

Morgan and I walked nearly two hours to a club that night (Note: Mercury Lounge...we got lost) so Morgan could buy Melvins tickets. They had just sold out before we got there. All of the sudden, Morgan looked like someone had died. He was inconsolable.

At Forbidden Planet NYC he descended further into despair and desperately attempted to cheer himself up by purchasing a Wonder Woman logo T-shirt. But a few hours later he was blacked out on 151 and screaming at police officers from a moving car. He got himself banned from CBGB's for life for throwing a chair from the stage at a group of tourist girls, and briefly scuffling with the soundguy.

(Morgan's Note: So Josh left and we changed the band name from Brain Fuck Daddy to Bleed Theory and waited awhile to get booked again at CBGB's pretending to be a new band. This was our first show back at the venue).

So I don't feel too bad for playing everything too fast at this show after 9/11. The excitement of just being alive, playing our hearts out at one of the most legendary clubs on the planet, in the greatest city on earth, on a night when we could provide some sort of catharsis to our fellow New Yorkers... At that moment, we knew music was the most important thing for us to be doing with our lives. We immediately got a major-label record deal and the rest is history." - Zac Shaw


released September 24, 2001



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DIVEST Kingston, New York

The Woodstock/Kingston, NY heavy melodic band Divest was together for 7 crazy years, eventually with a full length GHOST TOWN RECKONING in 2003 (produced by Dr. Know of Bad Brains, D. Ilchuk+ Mike Birnbaum / Chris Bitner of Applehead Studios).

DIVEST featured members who would go on to or previously played in bands like PPSP, Kayo Dot, Coheed and Cambria, Dead Unicorn and Nightmares For A Week.
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